Best Architecture Schools in Alabama

Best Architecture Schools in Alabama

Are you filled with an insatiable passion for architecture and a solid drive to pursue a career in building construction? If so, look no further than the architecture schools in Alabama. Continue reading.

After conducting thorough research, we have curated a comprehensive list of undergraduate institutions in Alabama that offer degree programs in architecture.

Does architecture hold promising prospects as a career choice?

According to the BLS, the demand for architects is projected to increase by 2.7% between 2021 and 2031.

Subsequent to that, achieving mastery in the field can only be attained through years of specialized expertise.

Those who embark on a career in this field go beyond designing mere workplaces, buildings, and other entities.

They craft the environments where individuals spend a significant portion of their lives, encompassing their homes, workplaces, and beloved social spaces.

When making the decision to embark on a career in architecture, there are several factors to consider. The preparation process entails a substantial amount of dedicated effort.

Architects utilize their knowledge of design, engineering, management, and coordination to construct structures that are not only practical and safe but also visually appealing.

Geometry, trigonometry, and algebra play a crucial role in building construction. Architects rely on these mathematical disciplines when crafting plans and preliminary sketches.

Does studying architecture bring about a sense of enjoyment?

Architects derive pleasure from the act of sketching and drawing, as it allows them to express their ideas and experience the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and unique. As you embark on your university studies, you will find that your passion for art and design during your school years is one of the most valuable skills you bring to the table.

Is architecture primarily classified as a science or a discipline rooted in mathematics?

Architecture majors delve into the integration of technical, creative, scientific, and engineering elements to formulate environmentally sustainable building plans. The rapidly evolving architecture domain is particularly enticing for individuals with a penchant for the arts, sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

In which employment settings can architects pursue their careers?

Architects typically dedicate a significant portion of their workday to office-based activities, which may involve client meetings, reports, and drawing production, as well as collaboration with fellow architects and engineers. Additionally, they frequently visit construction sites to oversee ongoing projects and ensure client expectations are fulfilled. Certain architects opt for the flexibility of working from their own homes.

Best Architecture Schools in Alabama

University of Alabama


The University of Alabama is a prominent public university situated in a medium-sized city, offering a comprehensive four-year study program.

Students pursuing a major in architecture are taught various aspects, including the design of structures, strategies for withstanding natural forces, construction techniques, and maintenance practices.

Students are also instructed on the functioning of buildings by coordinating the operations of various systems, such as mechanical and electrical components, to ensure seamless integration.

Architects are visionary individuals who devise solutions to tackle national and global issues concerning energy requirements, sustainable building systems for new and renovated structures, urban development, and community planning.

Samford University

Samford University stands as one of the premier architecture schools in Alabama.

Students engaging in this course will acquire a fresh outlook on the world and be inspired to employ their unique talents to enhance their local communities.

These students collaborate on projects, participate in dedicated design classes and studios alongside interior design students, and leverage the combined design knowledge and resources of both programs.

The distinctive integrated approach to design at this institution aids architecture students in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the objectives and solutions involved in holistic design.

Auburn University

Auburn University, situated in a small community, is a notable public university with a substantial presence. It holds the distinction of being among the first colleges in the United States to offer architecture as a major, as well as being the pioneering institution in the Southern region.

In 1907, Auburn University introduced an architecture curriculum, positioning itself as one of the pioneering colleges in the United States to offer this field of study.

Over the past century, the School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture (APLA) has expanded to encompass four interconnected programs.

These courses encompass a wide range of subjects, including environmental design, interior architecture, and landscape architecture.

Architecture Program:

Upon successful completion of the Architecture Program, students are awarded a Bachelor of Architecture degree, which is a five-year professional degree program.

The professional Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) degree program has achieved the highest level of certification from the National Architectural Accrediting Board, signifying its exceptional standards.

Interior Architecture Program:

During their second year of study in the Architecture Program, students have the opportunity to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Interior Architecture Program, allowing them to explore and specialize in the field of interior architecture.

The Interior Architecture Program offers a distinctive application process for prospective students, while still maintaining the fundamental admissions requirements shared with the Architecture Program.

Environmental Design Program:

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design is a versatile degree that opens doors to various fields of expertise.

Completing the curriculum for the environmental design workshop series is a requirement for students, and it spans two summers.

Tuskegee University

Currently, Tuskegee University offers a single program that grants a comprehensive architecture degree.

Located in a remote village, this university is a private, non-profit institution that offers a four-year college experience.

In the year 2020, the General Architecture program awarded a total of four bachelor’s degrees.

The School upholds the motto “Learning to do by doing,” which originated from Tuskegee University’s Department of Architecture and Building Science when the university was initially established.

At the school, students have the option to enroll in either a four-year bachelor’s program in construction science and management or a five-year bachelor of architecture program.

The academic program for studying architecture is divided into two segments, each extending over a duration of five years.

Upon completion of the required curriculum over a five-year period, students are awarded the professional degree of Bachelor of Architecture.

During the initial two years of the curriculum, known as the Pre-Architecture program, students are equipped with a solid foundation through a selection of liberal arts courses.

Throughout the initial two years of the program, students are expected to complete a core curriculum that encompasses architectural design, architectural history, architectural graphics, and building systems.



An extensive list features some of Alabama’s most highly regarded architectural schools, sought after by aspiring students.

If you’re seeking an architectural school in Alabama that aligns with your preferences and supports your career aspirations, select one from our carefully curated list.

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